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Treating your health and well-being with diversities and care.


Alaska Pain to Wellness Centre is a premier provider of quality and patient-centered care.


At Alaska Pain to Wellness Centre we offer rehabilitative services that encompass the whole patient. Our goal is to keep you on the move and develop strategies to improve your health.

We offer multi-modality treatment s to remedy an injury or illness that may disrupt your routine and lead to a less active lifestyle. Our experienced staff and providers at Alaska Pain to Wellness Centre will employ a full range of services to diagnose, treat and return YOU to the best function.


We are using MD Mobile Software for Doctors to perform telemedicine. This is a HIPAA compliant platform that is incredibly easy to use.

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Dr. Steve Johnson Anchorage


Medical Doctor

Dr. Steven Johnson is Board Certified in Family Practice in Canada, and in Anesthesia and Pain Management in the United States. Dr. Johnson grew up in Montreal, Canada where he attended McGill University, majoring in Engineering before continuing onto Medical School. He left Montreal to complete his Family Practice Residency at the University of Calgary where he received his Board Certification in Family Practice. In 1979 he came to the United States for a residency in Anesthesia at the University of Vermont. Dr. Johnson continued his medical training with a Cardiac Anesthesia Fellowship at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.

Dr. Johnson practiced Anesthesia and Pain Medicine in Las Vegas, Nevada for 23 years. While there he became Board Certified in both Anesthesia and Pain Management. He also served as the Medical Director of the Sahara Surgery Center in Las Vegas, and Chief of Anesthesia at University Medical Center.

Before coming to Alaska in 2008, Dr. Johnson spent three years in Kalispell, Montana where he was the Medical Director of the Northwest Spine and Pain Center.

At Alaska Paint to Wellness Centre, Dr. Johnson’s primary medical focus is pain management. He specializes in a broad spectrum of pain management techniques: from patient consultations and medical management to the implantation of pain pumps, stimulators, epidurals and various types of nerve blocks. He has a growing interest in Medical Cannabis and its applications, as well as an interest in Regenerative Medicine.

 Dr. Johnson finds that Alaska is the perfect place for his extracurricular activities. He is an avid hockey player, who also enjoys skiing, golfing, fishing and hunting. Dr. Johnson is married, he and his wife have 4 Children and 11 Grandchildren.

PA Wilkie Portrate.jpg


Greg Wilkinson has joined our team at Alaska Pain To Wellness Centre as an Interventional Pain Specialist. Before joining our team, he was Director of Clinical Medicine at Algone Interventional Pain Medicine for the last two years.


Greg's medical training began in 1993 as a military medic assigned to special operations, which advanced his training to paramedic and nursing. He was commissioned as a hospital administrator where he excelled. During several deployments it was evident that his medical training and experience was being underused.


The Army sent him to Physician Assistant school from which he graduated in 1995. He spent the next five years as a military PA working in orthopedics, family practice, surgery, and emergency medicine. After military service he spent two years in an orthopedic, neurosurgical, and podiatric practice where he quickly became the leader of the mid-level team.


In 2002 Greg moved to interventional pain medicine after seeing the suffering and needs of this patient population. His specialties are in medical management, practice management, dealing with difficult multiple diagnoses affecting this population, and ensuring they receive the most correct and needful treatment. He also focuses on several different specialized procedures for pain relief and activity improvement.


He was born in Fullerton, California and raised in Lake Arrowhead, a small alpine town in the San Bernardino Mountains. Greg has degrees from the Air Force, The College of the State of New York, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, University of Texas HSC in San Antonio, and graduate school from the University of Maryland, College Park in Counseling and Therapy.


Greg's philosophy is to listen to patients as they usually have the answers to where the underlying problems lay, and to assist the patient's body along it’s natural healing path. Greg strongly feels that his responsibility is to select the right mechanism to help reduce a patient's pain and allow the body to heal naturally. He is passionate about helping others to regain hope and desire better and improved lives. When not at the clinic, he appreciates most of what Alaska has to offer. First and foremost, he enjoys time with his wife and 5 grown children. He also enjoys riding motorcycles (He's ridden across the US coast to coast and from Mexico to the Arctic Ocean), as well as hiking, fishing, camping, and traveling.

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