Greg Wilkinson, PA

Interventional Pain Management in Anchorage, AK

About Dr. Wilkinson

Greg Wilkinson, PA-C, M.Ed, is an exceptional physician assistant and interventional pain management specialist at Alaska Pain to Wellness Centre in Anchorage, Alaska. Before joining the team, Greg was Director of Clinical Medicine at Algone Interventional Pain Medicine in Wasilla, Alaska.

Greg's medical training began in 1993 as a military medic assigned to special operations, which advanced his training to paramedic and nursing. He was commissioned as a hospital administrator, where he excelled. During several deployments, it was evident that his medical training and experience were being underused. 

The Army sent him to physician assistant school, from which he graduated in 1995. He spent the next five years as a military PA working in orthopedics, family practice, surgery, and emergency medicine. After military service, he spent two years in an orthopedic, neurosurgical, and podiatric practice, where he quickly became the leader of the mid-level team.

In 2002, Greg moved to interventional pain medicine after seeing the suffering and needs of this patient population. His specialties are in medical management, practice management, dealing with multiple complex diagnoses affecting this population, and ensuring they receive the most correct and needed treatment. He also focuses on several specialized procedures for pain relief and activity improvement.

He was born in Fullerton, California, and raised in Lake Arrowhead, a small alpine town in the San Bernardino Mountains. Greg has degrees from the Air Force, The College of the State of New York, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, the University of Texas HSC in San Antonio, and graduate school from the University of Maryland, College Park in Counseling and Therapy.

 Greg's philosophy is to listen to patients as they usually have the answers to where the underlying problems lay and assist the patient's body along its natural healing path. Greg strongly feels that his responsibility is to select the proper mechanism to help reduce a patient's pain and allow the body to heal naturally. He is passionate about helping others regain hope and desire better and improved lives. When not at the clinic, he appreciates most of what Alaska has to offer. First and foremost, he enjoys time with his wife and five grown children. He also enjoys riding motorcycles – he's ridden across the US coast-to-coast and from Mexico to the Arctic Ocean – hiking, fishing, camping, and traveling.