I have always enjoyed working with Dr Johnson.

Nancy C. | Jun 04, 2022
So I raped my appointment yesterday as five star you guys have always been one hundred percent professional and genuinely concerned in regards to the seriousness of the situation I am going through I had my appointment with my surgeon today at 10 and they scheduled my first surgery on my knee is for August 24th or they're going to remove quite a bit of that Hardware that's in my leg above my knee and then on September 14th I think it is they're going to go ahead and do the total hip replacement so the ball is in motion and I'm looking forward to having this procedure done and having a successful recovery and even though it's going to be quite just comforting it is definitely needed to be done again thanking you in advance for your kind help as my doctor and your nurses are awesome

Kenneth K. | Jun 04, 2022
I've got complete trust in my Doctor, being a patient since, 2011. No surgery has ever gone, "to the left!" And I always recommend Dr. Johnson to other people. I know they'll get taken care of. Thank you, 😇 Alisa

Alisa S. | Jun 03, 2022
Dr. Johnston is very patient and willing to listen to your issues. I would definitely recommend him to anybody to deal with any pain issues they may be having.

Mark H. | Jun 02, 2022